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Feb. 11th, 2009


Note to self:

The album is Raising Sand and the song is "Please Read the Letter".


Does anyone else find all these multiple births disturbing?

I'm waiting for someone to have an even dozen.

Little to no accumulation MY ASS.

I know better then to listen to the weather report. Regardless it doesn't stop me from feeling betrayed when it is wrong. There was no snow yesterday (no sun either) and it was blessed nice. Not so much today. Oh well.

So I need to regal you all with tales of our awesome Disney World Adventure. It is better experienced through pictures you can find here:


Dora and I went with Tim and Ali who are our east coast Austin and Wifey. They are awesome. I shall weep copious tears of joy when they are all gathered in one place.


Two migraines in two weeks. It is shit to say the least. But what can I expect when the temperature keeps plummeting? Bah, I am tired of this. Give me a bit of sun and cool 65 degrees.

I am so glad the Watchmen movie well be coming out as scheduled (picture each of these words buttered and dripping with tired sarcasm).

Disney World next week! YAY.

The game is picking back up and we've got new players. Even more YAY.

My cat is no longer McPukey. YAY.
It is winter and I feel the need to put up a general disclaimer revolving around my frequent bouts of not taking IMs, phonecalls, texts and blah blah.

This is a very hard season for me. Which I've touched on a couple times but never properly conveyed. Migraines - it's that simple. They are a bitch and leave me wasted for the better part of a week. This usually leads to me scrambling to catch up on things that I have missed and tends to be a bit frustrating in the process.

So please don't take it personal when I don't answer IMs, text back or even give you a ring. I'll be better in the Spring but until then I gotta deal with chronic head pain first.
...head killing me...

...Cannot get enough of Fallout 3...

...Tim and Ali's wedding reception was awesome...




Fuck you perfume!

Nearly a hundred imps and NINE bottles - wtf? I am ashamed of myself. Mostly this is because I am lusting after fifteen other bottles. No damn it. Just no. I already have enough to last me this life time (though lets face it I will cave as Ouija and Zombi are musts).

On the plus side the impulse buy of the election day scents seems to have paid off. I wore one today and received many a compliment though I'm still iffy about the other. For those of you who don't understand this BE THANKFUL.

Dec. 1st, 2008

Liar, liar pants on fire!

I am Pope

All shall love me and despair!
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